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Projects: Research
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Family history is the study of the where we come from. Tracing our lineage back across time and place can be a fascinating experience, learning about previous versions of ourselves and getting to know new loved ones for the first time. 
I conduct research on family history across Britain from the beginning of the last century back into the medieval. This includes work on pre-census, handwritten documents and in local archives, as well as online research.
Particularly I believe family history is not just about births, marriages and deaths but is about how our ancestors lived. Family history should also be about the stories of our forbears, where they lived and worked and if possible what they may have felt. 
Recent projects include; a Scottish family in the medieval period, a First World War soldier captured as a POW, a family of pub-owners in eighteenth century East Anglia. I will consider all kinds of projects big and small, from helping you break through a particular brick wall or writing your family history into a narrative.

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